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Cargo tracking
Land freight

In most cases land freight forwarding is the most beneficial and convenient. It ensures delivery from the sender to the recipient without transshipment. It also reduces risk of damage and delivery time, as well as entails considerably lower transportation costs. Another advantage of land freight forwarding is the possibility of delivering freight to literally anywhere in the world, since trucks can cross watercourses by ferry. Likewise, by choosing the right type of vehicles, freight can be loaded anywhere as required by the customer. Another advantage worth mentioning is the option to track your shipment online in real time.

Our company offers the following land freight forwarding services:

  • freight forwarding with different types of vehicles (depending on volume, carrying capacity, temperature mode and other requirements)
  • freight forwarding depending on the customs status (import, export, transit, temporary import etc.)
  • organizing transport of dangerous goods by means of certified vehicles
  • freight supervision and receipt of information at any stage of transportation
  • cargo insurance
  • preparation of a full package of accompanying documents

Contact our specialists to receive free advice on any issues related to transportation of your freight. We guarantee the best possible solution for your needs.

Sea freight

Sea freight forwarding is one of the most frequently used types of shipping in international logistics. Sea freight transportation can be combined with river, rail, air and land transport. That way you can reduce your transportation costs by choosing the method of delivery that suits you best.

We can organize delivery of your containers from China, Japan, India, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom and other countries. We can also deliver your containers to the following ports: Klaipeda (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia), Kotka (Finland), Tallinn (Estonia), St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk (Russia), Odessa, Ilyichevsk (Ukraine) and other destination ports. Over ten years of operation, our company has established a close partnership with leading shipping lines such as Maersk, CMA CGM, MSC and many others. In addition to standard container transportation, we have extensive experience in transporting containers for heavy haulage, heavy machinery, equipment or perishable goods. In more recent years we have been focusing on the combined cargo transportation or LCL shipments which is very beneficial for small and medium-size enterprises.

ELEVEN will help you to deliver small cargos (1m3–15m3 or 100 kg – 10 tonnes) quickly and inexpensively by means of the LCL shipments from any port in China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, India, South America and North America. This service ensures lower transportation costs and safe delivery of any cargo in reasonable time.

Air freight

The new logistics solutions help to make air freight forwarding even more accessible for small and medium-sized enterprises. Thanks to endeavours to keep up with global trends and actively develop this service, our company can ensure fast delivery of your cargos to and from any airport in the world.

Our specialists will help to insure and package your cargo, as well as prepare all necessary customs and accompanying documentation. Our company has an extensive network of agents, as well as partnership with the leading airlines that ensures low cost air transportation. Amongst our current partners are: British Airways, Air France, DHL Global Forwarding, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Hong Kong Airlines, Turkish Airlines, KLM, China Airlines, Air Baltic, Emirates Airlines, Finnair, Belavia, Air China, Czech Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Aeroflot and many other.

Our specialists will help you to:

  • deliver the combined cargo anywhere in the world
  • ensure door-to-door delivery for any type of cargos (including dangerous goods and heavy haulage)
  • load and unload, to package or store your cargo in any airport in the world
  • insure your cargo
  • prepare customs or other accompanying documents

Contact us for free professional advice regarding all air freight issues.

Rail freight

Currently rail freight forwarding between the CIS and Baltic countries is the cheapest method of delivery. ELEVEN offers a full range of export, import and transit services. We will help you to transport the cargo at the cheapest rates and with the shortest delivery times possible.

Your benefits from partnership with ELEVEN:

  • saving time – with our vast experience in rail freight industry, we can ensure fast organisation of the transport, loading and unloading of cars, as well as preparation of the necessary documents
  • cost saving – thanks to our partnership agreements with the leading railway carriers, we benefit from the special transportation rate which is not available to individual cargo owners
  • cargo safety warranties – in addition to basic insurance, we offer our customers special cargo insurance
  • delivery of any type of cargos starting from 100 kg up to several tonnes
  • cargo tracking throughout the transportation route

Contact our specialists to receive free advice on any issues related to transportation of your freight. We guarantee the best possible solution for your needs.

Heavy haulage

Only a few Baltic freight forwarders are able to provide specialized transport services. Over ten years, our company has won many tenders for transport services (NATO freight delivery, delivery of oil extraction equipment in the Far North of Russia etc.). We collaborate with the largest manufacturing and construction companies, oil and gas companies, shipyards and many others.

Our experience includes:

  • delivery of snow removal machinery
  • delivery of construction machinery and structures
  • delivery of combine harvesters, tractors and other agricultural machinery
  • delivery of excavators, bulldozers, asphalt and other road construction machinery
  • delivery of oil and gas extraction equipment
  • delivery of boats and yachts

ELEVEN will help you to deliver large-size cargos or certain items of shipment, as well as act as a full service logistics provider organizing transshipment and storage in warehouses at the ports. We will obtain all permissions and choose the most appropriate transport for your cargo.


Traditionally, Riga and its port warehouses are considered the most convenient and favourable place for storing goods when transporting them from East to West and from sea to land and vice versa.

Thanks to this advantageous location, our company can provide its customers with high quality storage services at well-equipped warehouses of category A, B and C. We can provide loading and storage services, as well as perform loading and unloading operations (mechanical or manual).

It is also possible to ensure upon the customer’s request:

  • repacking of cargo or goods
  • inspection or examination of cargo or goods
  • combining of cargo or goods
  • labelling of cargo or goods

By signing an agreement with ELEVEN, you will secure a privileged storage space for your cargo, allowing you to deliver your goods to Russia or Europe much faster.


ELEVEN offers a full range of customs services. Our specialists will provide consultations regarding all types of customs procedures. Execution of import, export and transit declarations, international CMR consignment notes and TIR Carnets are just a small part of our company’s services. For the convenience of our customers, we represent their interests in customs authorities, as well as calculate taxes and other duties payable during various customs procedures. Our company provides all types of customs services regardless of the type of cargo or transport used for shipping.

Contact us and we will ensure fast and correct preparation of all necessary documentation.

Cargo insurance

Did you know that the standard CMR insurance covers mainly the freight forwarder?

In fact, the freight forwarder insures its liability towards the cargo owner. Besides, this liability is limited to approximately 10 Euros per 1 kg of gross weight, and under the Convention, the freight forwarder is not always liable for any loss or damage of the cargo. On top of that, it may take a year and a half to claim insurance indemnity. For example, in the case of loss of a cargo worth half a million Euros and weighing 2 tonnes, the cargo owner would receive only around 20,000 Euros, although it would be impossible to say exactly when.

To provide our customers with higher protection against Force Majeure circumstances, our company is also covered by third party liability insurance. Although the same limitations apply, i.e. approximately 10 Euros per 1 kg of gross weight, the cargo owner may, in case of loss or damage of a cargo, receive insurance indemnity within a few weeks.

When the cargo value considerably exceeds the maximum amount of the CMR insurance cover, we advise that our customers insure the full value of the cargo. In such cases the cargo owner will be compensated for the entire cargo or any part thereof.

The cargo owner does not need to sign an agreement or complete any additional documents in order to obtain additional insurance. You just need to specify this request in the transportation order and we will take care of all other paperwork. An insurance premium will be added to your transportation invoice.

Contact us to find out more details or ask any questions you may have.

Land freight
Sea freight
Air freight
Rail freight
Heavy haulage
Cargo insurance

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